Sand Mirrors featured in LENSCRATCH

Aline Smithson has posted selections from Sand Mirrors in her invaluable blog, LENSCRATCH.


Download a preview of Sand Mirrors

I invite you to a ‘sneak preview’ of “Sand Mirrors”, a marriage of  Richard Clarke’s Zen poetry and my images of sand patterns discovered and photographed on beaches located in northern California and Oregon. Richard Clarke’s poetry, written in response to the images, leads readers to “quiet wonder at these few inches of sand that proclaim perfection”.

Sand Mirrors will be available in both print and electronic versions; the latter will include audio recordings of Richard Clarke’s readings. To download a preview (6 poem/image pairs selected from the complete collection of 43), select one of the links below, where you can download either an epub version readable with iBooks, or a rich media PDF file which enables viewing and listening on a desk- or lap- top. or

Invitation to make “Sand Mirrors” the focus of a community

Thank you for visiting the Sand Mirrors website or purchasing a copy of the e- or print- book. We hope that you have enjoyed the poems and images, and that together, they have inspired reflection and meditation.

We would like your experience with Sand Mirrors to be an opening: to new thinking, and we hope, to a new and expanding community of individuals who wish to share their thoughts regarding the book, as well as their own experiences: in their exploration of Zen teaching, in meditation, in photography, in travel, in any one of the many paths that Sand Mirrors might, if it connects with you, inspire.

We invite you to communicate both with Richard and myself via this blog, and to share their reactions and experiences. In order to keep the blog consistent with the intent of the book, we will moderate comments and publish them to the blog within several days of receipt. Should the community expand as we hope, we will sort comments into categories (e.g. poetry received or comments on poems; photography; meditation; Zen; travel).

E-books provide for the first time the opportunity for books to be living entities and to stimulate conversation and perhaps surprising discoveries as the human imagination engages with a community. Please join us in this new venture!